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Internationally renowned Elvis England sings in tribute to the King of Rock'N'Roll Elvis Presley. I recorded these songs (you can hear at this web site) very quickly just to give you an idea. I think they sound a little 'ballad like' here, but The Real Magic of Elvis seems to rock my bones and hips more when I'm performing live. Click on the Song Title to Hear Me Singing.

Elvis had an Electrifying Persona never to be forgotten. Something I never forget when performing this all time classic Suspicious Minds

I must confess when starting as an Elvis Singer I never knew the words to this brilliant up tempo house shattering song. But just learning the words was not going to be good enough. I knew I also needed to be able to sing it full power and maintain the physical endurance of an athlete if I was to give it my best. So I learnt the words and sung this song whilst running every morning until I could sing it under pressure. After constant repetition and refining I was ready for the bright lights and the rest was history. I was ready for Viva Las Vegas

Romantic Ballads are unforgettable when sung in the Elvis Style. One of my all time favourites (and judging by the atmosphere that this song creates, yours too) is Wise Men Say (Only Fools Rush In)

Way before I was fortunate enough to be asked to perform my Elvis Shows, when about to sing on a Karaoke, people would ask me (sometimes I didn't even know them) to sing this well known bouncy foot tapping hit. I was intrigued to learn Elvis himself fell in love with this tune so much when at the recording session he would not stop singing Little Sister.

I hope these sample tunes of Elvis Classics has given you the flavor of a great evening or daytime event and I look forward to meeting you soon where ever you are world wide.


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