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It's truly an honor to have you visit my web site. I am well aware of the massive choice of Elvis Singing Impersonators around the globe that do a fine job in tribute to the King of Rock'N'Roll - Elvis Presley.

On vacation to the USA I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to study a number of singing Elvi. From there I continued my quest and visited Canada to see many more. Some were good and some not so good. For me, Elvis had an Electrifying Attitude that gripped his audience and sent them into spontaneous exhilarating excitement, the second he stepped foot on the stage. He had a presence that would make him second to none, an Icon never to be forgotten.

On my return to England (where I live now), I continued with my study of Elvis Impersonators and how they interpreted him. I found myself enthralled by the way the real Elvis moved. Anybody that could do a few moves seemed to not be able to keep up the incredible stamina required to fulfill the eager Elvis hungry audiences. If they had the moves down then they were a let down when it came to singing. Over and over I would copy the great moves of the King. Stamina was not a big issue as I (like Elvis Himself) am a high Ranking Martial Arts Practitioner. However, learning the words of so many fantastic tunes was a massive mountain to climb. Endeavoring to succeed, fine tuning my moves, perfecting the harmonies and getting the audience in a frenzy was going to be a tough job (but somebody's got to do it!) I was going to give it my best shot. After 10 hard months of constant repetition and refining I was ready for the bright lights and the rest was history.

I was now ready to take on the World.
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Elvis England now tours World Wide.

Elvis England has Performed in * Ireland * America * Turkey * Luxembourg * England * Canada * India * Italy and Maybe in Your Country For You Next.....


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